Another Fox was born in 2017 and is run by myself – mother to 1 boy, 1 girl and 1 cat – in a shire just north of London.

As a one-lady band, I design the range myself in the UK taking inspiration from new emerging trends and every day experiences. The collection is then produced to the highest standard in a lovely little ethical factory in Turkey.

It all began when searching for clothes for my son. Like many parents, I was tired of seeing the stereotyped selection of gender-specific pink and blue clothes, covered in cuddly animals.

I wanted something a little different.

So with my fifteen years experience in fashion and buying, I decided to create a baby & children’s wear clothing brand that gave parents the opportunity to choose  something a bit cooler.

Launched with a mini collection, Another Fox is just getting started – and as we jump into our fourth collection, new and exciting pieces will be hitting the store.

Happy shopping!